Thyroid Health in New York

Seek clarity on your thyroid health concerns and chart a course toward renewed wellness.
The thyroid, a tiny gland shaped like a butterfly nestled in your neck, is crucial in managing several essential bodily functions. It orchestrates your energy levels, mood, and metabolism among others. However, when this gland malfunctions, a cascade of symptoms including unusual fatigue, fluctuating weight, mood swings, cardiac concerns, and various health complications may arise.
At National Wellness Group, our expert, Marina Yuabova, DNP, FNP, adopts a holistic strategy toward thyroid wellness tailored to your individual needs. Dr. Yuabova conducts comprehensive health assessments pinpointing the exact origins of your discomfort and crafts a personalized treatment protocol aimed at revitalizing your well-being. To reclaim balance and optimal health in your life, contact us in New York (state). Schedule your consultation by phone or online with Dr. Yuabova and start your journey to wellness today.

Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid gland is essential in our body, acting as a hormone manufacturer, particularly producing thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones play critical roles in managing body temperature, metabolism, energy, cardiac function, digestion, brain operations, and the health of menstrual cycles. However, an imbalance due to excess or insufficient production of these thyroid hormones may lead to detrimental effects on your well-being and a spectrum of health issues.
Should you notice any of the following symptoms, they may point toward a thyroid condition. To uncover the root of these manifestations and to start a recovery path, scheduling a consultation with a specialist in thyroid health is recommended.
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Aching joints
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Ocular complications
  • Dryness affecting skin and hair
  • Loss of hair
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Abnormalities in menstrual patterns
  • Emotional dips or extreme mood variations
  • Difficulty with bowel movements
  • Swelling around the neck area
  • Challenges with recollection
  • A raspy voice
  • Erratic heartbeats

Benefits of Thyroid Treatment

Consulting a thyroid expert can aid in rejuvenating your thyroid’s performance, offering you several beneficial outcomes, including:
  • A boost in metabolic processes
  • A decrease in feelings of exhaustion
  • Enhanced resilience against cold
  • A healthier weight profile
  • Sharpened mental capabilities
  • An uplifted emotional state
  • Regularity in menstrual cycles
  • An augmentation in life quality
  • Customized management strategies designed for your unique health requirements

How Thyroid Treatment Works

Through a comprehensive approach that encompasses holistic and functional methodologies, Dr. Yuabova aims to reestablish effective thyroid operations. This holistic care may encompass personalized guidance on dietary choices, nutritional planning, and modifications to everyday lifestyle practices.
Your treatment plan may encompass a comprehensive approach that includes the following components:
  • Comprehensive thyroid function testing using advanced blood analysis techniques.
  • Administration of high-quality, clinical-grade nutritional supplements tailored to your needs.
  • Personalized diet and nutrition guidance to optimize your overall health.
  • Strategies to support and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Measures to promote liver function and well-being.
  • Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream.
  • Neural therapy to address disruptions in your body’s electrical system.
  • Amino acid therapy to replenish and balance these building blocks of protein in your body.
  • A synergistic combination of functional medicine with cutting-edge quantum energy and diagnostic tools to harness therapeutic energies for your benefit.
By focusing on the health of your entire body, we aim to achieve equilibrium in your thyroid hormone levels, ensuring well-rounded well-being.

Risk Factors For Developing Thyroid Issues

Thyroid complications and hormonal imbalances can be influenced by various factors. Age is a significant player, with seniors and women being particularly susceptible to conditions like Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease. Your genetic backdrop matters too – a lineage of thyroidal conditions amplifies your odds. Pile on other autoimmune maladies, persistent stress, or tobacco usage, and the risk escalates. Even new mothers aren’t exempt; a common aftermath of childbirth is postpartum thyroiditis, where the thyroid takes a temporary hit.

What To Expect with Thyroid Treatment at National Wellness Group

At your initial visit to New York (state), a thorough evaluation will be conducted to gauge your overall health and discuss any health-related experiences you’ve encountered. Dr. Yuabova dedicates time to understanding your present health concerns, daily habits, life circumstances, and previous medical history. Following this, she conducts a thyroid hormone test via blood sample to check for any discrepancies.
Should an underlying cause for your health issues be discovered, Dr. Yuabova will tailor a treatment plan for you, which may include administering hormones or other agents that can either stimulate or suppress your thyroid hormone production.
Furthermore, Dr. Yuabova integrates the innovative approaches of functional medicine with both quantum energy and diagnostics. This unique combination is harnessed as a therapeutic energy aimed at reinstating the hormonal equilibrium in your body.

I’ve been working with Dr. Yuabova for nearly 2 years and highly recommend working with her. My health issue was resolved about a year after working with her, and I continue to see her to maintain my mental and physical health. She is thoughtful, caring, and clear. Most importantly, she listens and identifies the core of the issue. She is great to work with- in addition to resolving the issue I initially started with, she has resolved quite a few little things that I typically don’t ask a doctor about. I feel much more confident about my health and life in general after working with her. Can’t give a high enough recommendation!

Chelsea L

Thyroid Treatment at National Wellness Group in New York (state)

At the National Wellness Group in New York (state), our expertise lies in fine-tuning thyroid function and balancing hormones to elevate your overall health and energy levels. We pride ourselves on delivering care that prioritizes your unique needs over a one-size-fits-all approach. Through our dedication to natural, body-compatible treatments, we are committed to guiding you toward the pinnacle of well-being.