Thyroid Health in Brooklyn

Uncover the foundational health factors contributing to your thyroid condition and reclaim your sense of well-being.

Think of your thyroid as a small, but mighty gland in your neck, shaped like a butterfly. It’s in charge of many key jobs that affect your energy, how you feel day-to-day, and even how fast your body burns calories. If it starts to act up, you could get tired a lot, gain or lose weight without trying, feel sad or moody or face some heart or other health problems.
At National Wellness Group, Marina Yuabova, DNP, FNP, adopts an integrative strategy for thyroid health tailored to your specific requirements. Dr. Yuabova conducts a thorough health assessment to uncover the underlying causes of symptoms and proposes a functional treatment regimen to enhance your well-being. Contact our Boca Raton, Florida office, or schedule an appointment online today to attain wellness and equilibrium in your body.

Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction

The thyroid gland produces vital hormones like thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), essential for governing numerous bodily functions. These hormones are instrumental in controlling body temperature, metabolism, energy levels, heart health, digestion, cognitive function, and menstrual cycles. However, disruptions in thyroid hormone levels, whether excessive or insufficient, can have significant repercussions on your overall well-being and lead to a host of health issues.

Experiencing any of the symptoms listed below? It might be indicative of a thyroid disorder. We advise booking an appointment with a thyroid health specialist to diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms and commence suitable treatment.

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Changes in weight
  • Cold intolerance
  • Issues with the eyes
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Swelling in the neck
  • Memory problems
  • Hoarseness
  • Irregular heart rate

Benefits of Thyroid Treatment

Seeking guidance from a thyroid specialist can support in restoring thyroid function and deliver the following benefits:
  • Boost your body’s energy-processing rate/metabolism.
  • Feel more energized
  • Increased cold tolerance.
  • Get help with managing your weight.
  • Think more clearly.
  • Enjoy a brighter mood.
  • Have more regular periods.
  • Live a better, happier life.
  • Get a treatment plan just for you.

How Thyroid Treatment Works

Dr. Yuabova employs holistic and functional treatments to restore thyroid function. This may involve counseling on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

Treatment might also include:
  • Comprehensive functional medicine thyroid testing using blood work
  • Prescribing clinical-grade nutritional supplements
  • Providing dietary and nutrition counseling
  • Supporting gut health
  • Enhancing liver health
  • Administering IV therapy
  • Implementing neural therapy
  • Utilizing amino acid therapy
  • Integrating functional medicine with quantum energy and diagnostics for healing purposes
These therapies support overall well-being, contributing to the maintenance of balanced thyroid hormone levels.

Risk Factors For Developing Thyroid Issues

Many things can lead to thyroid concerns, which involve the hormones in your body. Thyroid troubles are more common among the elderly and women, especially with conditions called Hashimoto’s and Grave’s diseases. If thyroid problems are common in your family, that also ups your chances. Other risk factors include having autoimmune conditions, being under lots of stress, and using tobacco. Plus, women who have recently given birth might face a temporary thyroid issue called postpartum thyroiditis.

What To Expect with Thyroid Treatment at National Wellness Group

At your first visit at our clinic in Brooklyn, we’ll do a full health review to get the lowdown on how you’re feeling and any symptoms that bother you. Dr. Yuabova will want to hear about how you’ve been living, your previous health, and she’ll test your blood to check your thyroid hormone levels.
If she finds anything out of the ordinary, she’ll get you started on treatments that tweak your hormone levels up or down as needed.
Dr. Yuabova taps into advanced medicine that uses principles of quantum physics to bring back hormone harmony in your body.

I’ve been working with Dr. Yuabova for nearly 2 years and highly recommend working with her. My health issue was resolved about a year after working with her, and I continue to see her to maintain my mental and physical health. She is thoughtful, caring, and clear. Most importantly, she listens and identifies the core of the issue. She is great to work with- in addition to resolving the issue I initially started with, she has resolved quite a few little things that I typically don’t ask a doctor about. I feel much more confident about my health and life in general after working with her. Can’t give a high enough recommendation!

Chelsea L

Thyroid Treatment at National Wellness Group

At National Wellness Group in Brooklyn, we understand the importance of thyroid and hormone health for your overall vitality. We are dedicated to giving you tailored care with natural treatment options that support and work naturally with your body.