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Struggling With Fertility?

Following infertility, there is often inadequate investigation to determine the cause. Couples may go straight to invasive, costly fertility treatments raging from fertility drugs to in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, what many couples fail to realize is that IVF, or any type of fertility treatment, will fail if underlying health issues have not been resolved first. Many causes of infertility are modifiable and can be addressed through holistic medicine and natural therapies. In fact, many patients that come to National Wellness Group prior to other medical doctors find they may not even need conventional fertility treatments, which can be extremely harsh on the body, expensive, and aren’t guaranteed. One cycle alone of IVF, for example, can cost upwards of $20,000, with a success rate around 50% for women under age 35. This rate significantly decreases with maternal age, with a 12% success rate for women over age 40.
At National Wellness Group, we take a step back and look at the body as a whole, which will often tell us what the body needs in order to reach an optimal level of health. Through this process, we can address all kinds of health issues, including infertility, and with proper guidance and treatment, you have the ability to thrive and have a healthy baby.

"I'm now 8 months pregnant because the treatment worked so well."

National Wellness Group has helped many couples start and continue to build their families.

"We were shocked to realize that they had found 22 eggs that could be used for the fertilization process."

National Wellness Group has helped many couples start and continue to build their families.

"After working with Dr. Yuabova, we discovered my thyroid was sluggish and leading to fertility issues."

National Wellness Group has helped many couples start and continue to build their families.

Holistic Fertility Program

National Wellness Group offers a holistic fertility restoration program, addressing not just infertility, but whole-body health. Each treatment regime is very different, but fits perfectly to a patient and their needs. Whether your goal is to conceive naturally or to increase your chances of IVF success, we can prepare your body for those next steps and support you through a healthy pregnancy. While the specifics of each program are tailored to each patient, we follow a 4-step framework: discover, remove, replace, and regulate.

Step 1 Discover

During a very specific diagnostic process, we are looking for sources of deregulation, inflammatory markers, and other reasons you are having difficulty conceiving or carrying.

Step 2 Remove

Once we have identified the source of your problems, we will remove whatever toxins are preventing you from raching optimal health.

Step 3 Replace

To address any gaps in your health, we can supplement with nutrition, minerals, herbs, and other therapies.

Step 4 Regulate

Following consistent treatment, we are able to regulate your hormones and balance the body, ultimately increasing your chances of conceiving and of a healthy pergnancy.

About National Wellness Group

National Wellness Group specializes in holistic medicine and anti-aging treatments, helping patients achieve peak health and sustainable wellness. Dr. Marina Yuabova and her compassionate team treat a variety of conditions that fall into three broad categories: natural fertility, longevity, and the art of aesthetics. For patients who value individualized care and natural treatments that work in harmony with your body, we hope you find a home for healing at National Wellness Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "holistic" mean?

Holistic medicine refers to treating the whole of someone, not just a part. In other words, we are not divided by internal systems; we are one whole being. As soon as you divide the body into these different parts, you will not find the source of the problem, nor a solution. For example, if you are suffering from skin issues, you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. If you are suffering from stomach issues, you schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist. But when a digestive problem is causing skin issues, who do you go to for treatment? Connecting the parts of the body and how they relate to one another makes a difference in showing how the body works as a whole, which is crucial in identifying the issue and how to fix it.

What could be causing my infertility?

The most overlooked causes of infertility are insulin resistance, blood sugfar instability, PCOS, Hoshimoto's thyroiditis, and other chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In order to set a woman's body up for success, the functions of the body need to be optimized and underlying conditions like these need to be addressed.

Do you treat both women and men?

Yes, our holistic fertility program is meant for couples to complete together. Both the man and woman need to be functioning at an optimal level in order to conceive a healthy baby.

What should I expect from my appointment?

During your initial consultation, you will have a one-on-one whole-body examination with a fertility specialist. Our bodies provide ample physical signs to various deficiencies and imbalances. We will also discuss your medical history to be conscious of anything in your past that could be impacting the way your body is operating today. Following this appointment, we will also have you complete a full blood test panel.

What is included in the program?

You will be given everything you need to succeed. Your program will be tailored to your specific health needs, addressing any gaps identified during your initial consultation and blood work up. Your treatment plan may include a combination of nutritional therapy (oral or IV), supplements, neural therapy, quantum light therapy, herbs, minerals, peptides, dietary modifications, and more. Part of your treatment may take place in our office, and other aspects will need to be worked into your daily life. Most importantly, you will have the continuous support and counseling from National Wellness Group throughout the duration of your program.

How long is the fertility program? When can I expect results?

Patients should first understand that they need to remain patient throughout this process. Depending on factors like age, medical history, and more, it can take some time to correct the health issues you are facing and set you up for a healthy pregnancy. With that being said, program length can range from 3-9 months, but will vary with each patient. Your fertility specialist will outline a more specific timeline after understanding your goals and providing a diagnosis.

How often do I come in for appointments?

Following your first appointment, we will schedule bi-weekly check-ins. At National Wellness Group, we see our holistic fertility program as a partnership, so frequent check-ins to ensure we are both playing an active role in your fertility journey are necessary. These check-ins can be done in-office or over the phone or video chat.

Do you only treat patients in Florida?

While our office is based in Boca Raton, Florida, we serve patients from across the country

How much does the program cost?

Our holistic fertility program ranges from $1800 to $2500/month, depending on what sort of health issues a patient is facing and the therapies that will be best to treat them. Programs last an average of 6 months. Please note that this cost is per patient, not per couple.

Is this program the same as IVF?

No, National Wellness Group does not offer IVF. However, if that is your goal or you have had previously unsuccessful IVF attempts, your program will be tailored to prepare your body for a successful IVF process. We can help improve the quality of your eggs, better outcomes of egg retrieval, and support throughout the pregnancy itself.