Peptide Therapy services offered in Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL

The peptide therapies are the cutting edge of precision medicine, helping with the targeted anti-aging, longevity, and healthy later-life years. The peptide therapies are harness naturally occurring substances and the processes to address many different issues and offer the promise of an aesthetically satisfying, healthier, and robust life. Advances in peptide therapy are helping us to nurture the DNA-protecting telomeres, encourage hair growth, improve the general appearance, strengthen the immune system, address digestion issues, and promote a vibrant and recharged lifestyle.

Peptide Therapy Q & A

What is the role of peptides that they play in health and well-being?

Peptides are the short strands of amino acids, similar to the proteins produced by the human body throughout our lives. They perform some of the specific cellular communication functions traveling throughout the body to the signal cells to turn on or off. For instance, the peptides can direct the cells to start-up or stop making the sex hormones such as testosterone or estrogen, or even turning collagen production on and off.

More than 7000 peptides occur naturally in the human body, and they are in constant communication with the cells. You may also take it as a city filled with lights continually glowing up and going dark.

What are the functions that peptides are involved with?

Each peptide plays a different function within the human body, and some of them are pleiotropic, which means that they are targeted with several systems. The peptides are intimately in many processes, such as:


Each peptide has a different function within the body, and some are pleiotropic, which means they target several systems. Peptides are intimately involved in most processes, such as:

  • Building muscle
  • Digestion
  • Brain activity
  • Heart, lungs, and kidney function
  • Repairing damaged tissues

How does Peptide Therapy Work?

During the past several decades, researchers and scientists have synthesized and isolated many of the different peptides that might be involved in degenerative processes and age-related conditions. They have also synthesized and identified many of the other peptides that might have cancer-fighting applications.

Peptides are already part of the functions of the human body, but the quantity produced for some of the particular tasks in a human body might decline with age, stress, trauma, or illness. By introducing several amounts of the right peptides into the human body, we can change your cellular function!

Here we have provided an example for you of how the peptide theory can work:

The peptides that are produced and maintain the collagen of the production that decreases with age. Less collagen in a human body makes the skin look older, but with the collagen peptide theory, the cells are told to increase collagen production, which leads the skin to look young.