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Revitalize your health and rebalance your gut with our team of expert professionals.

The digestive system, or the gastrointestinal tract, is home to countless microscopic organisms known as microbiota. These tiny helpers play a crucial role in digesting food, nutrient absorption, vitamin synthesis, mineral uptake, and maintaining overall well-being. A harmonious, healthy gut is also a champion for our immune system, contributes to mental wellness, keeps hormones in check, helps with weight management, and supports general longevity.
An imbalance in the gut microbiome has far-reaching health implications. It is linked to an array of conditions such as digestive problems, obesity, chronic fatigue, and various autoimmune diseases, including IBS, Celiac disease, and Crohn’s.
To enhance your well-being, it’s crucial to ensure your gut is in good health.
National Wellness Group’s experts in Digestive Health in Miami are attuned to the significant impact gut well-being has on your energy levels and how you feel each day. Our comprehensive approach aims to revitalize your digestive system, ensuring you can enjoy optimal health and vitality.

Symptoms of Poor Gut Health

If you’re experiencing symptoms like the ones listed below, it may be related to the well-being of your gut. Seeking advice from a specialist in Miami could pinpoint what’s going awry in your digestive system, offering you a path to better health and well-being.
  • Distress in digestion (bloating, gas, changes in bowel habits)
  • Skin disruptions (such as breakouts and dermatitis)
  • Emotional fluctuations
  • Immune system malfunctions
  • Sensitivities toward certain foods
  • Unexplained fluctuations in body weight
  • Prolonged weariness and decreased energy levels
  • Sleep complications
  • Increased susceptibility to allergies and reactions
  • Recurrent infections
  • Stiff joints
  • Inflammatory issues
  • And more

Benefits of a Healthy Gut

  • Improved BMI Management
  • Boosted Vitality Levels
  • Sharper Cognitive Functions
  • Enhanced Immune Response
  • Radiant Complexion
  • Regular Digestion
  • Alleviated Discomfort
  • Reduced Inflammatory Response
  • Increased Satisfaction from Meals
  • And a variety of additional benefits

Improve Your Gut Health at National Wellness Group

At the National Wellness Group in Miami, our top-tier health experts are committed to enhancing your digestive system’s wellness. Your initial check-up with us involves a full health assessment and a conversation about your symptoms. We do this to better comprehend your health concerns and nutrition habits, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.
To enhance your digestive well-being, we tailor a health plan targeting your individual needs. Our approach often includes:
  • Incorporating prebiotics and probiotics into your daily routine
  • Making dietary changes, along with Identifying and avoiding foods that can compromise gut health
  • Embracing a rich variety of natural prebiotics and probiotics in your diet, like fermented foods, fruits, and vegetables
  • Enhancing your digestive system with top-quality, clinical-grade nutrition supplements
  • Marrying the principles of functional medicine with innovative energy-based healing for comprehensive wellness.

How Long Does It Take To Improve My Gut Health?

Improving gut health is a gradual process. It requires time for healthy bacteria to flourish and for the harmful ones to diminish. Although noticeable progress often takes several months, many individuals do begin feeling the positive effects within a few days of starting their regimen.

Dr. Marina and her team at NWG not only treated my symptoms but also identified the root cause of my health problems. I was living with fatigue, mood swings, and chronic back pain following a car accident and ongoing medical issues. As a last resort before surgery, I sought help from NWG. Dr. M recommended focused lab tests which revealed I had a leaky gut. Following their comprehensive treatment plan, I have regained my health. I am now pain-free, brimming with energy, and mentally strong. This transformation has truly changed my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I enthusiastically vouch for NWG and their diligent, methodical approach to healthcare. It’s not about guessing; it’s about knowing. Thank you, Dr. Marina and team, for giving me my life back!

Nancy B

Gut Health Treatment at National Wellness Group

National Wellness Group in Miami focuses on enhancing gut health for individuals seeking to attain prime health and vibrancy. Not driven by numbers but by our commitment to value-based healthcare, we are dedicated to delivering personalized attention and holistic remedies that support your body’s natural healing processes.