Holistic Wellness Habits to Try

Written by Jimmy Huh
July 10, 2024

Finding balance in our daily lives is more important than ever. The stressors that occur regularly can take a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Holistic wellness habits can provide you with a sanctuary from the chaos, grounding you in practices that nourish every part of your being. 

For example, a simple morning ritual of mindfulness can transform the start of your day from one of stress to one of peace, setting a positive tone for the hours ahead. By integrating the below holistic wellness practices into your daily life, you can equip yourself with the tools to navigate the complexities of modern life with resilience, vitality, and a deep sense of inner peace.

10 Holistic Wellness Habits To Try

1. Create a Personal Sanctuary
Dedicate a space in your home as your personal sanctuary, a peaceful retreat where you can unwind, reflect, and engage in self-care practices. This space could be a cozy corner with comfortable pillows, scented candles, and soft lighting, or a garden nook filled with your favorite plants and flowers. Use this area to meditate, read, practice yoga, or simply sit in silence. The act of retreating to this sanctuary can help reduce stress, recharge your emotional batteries, and support your inner peace.

2. Practice Mindful Morning Rituals
Begin each day with a purposeful morning ritual to set a positive tone. This might include meditation, gentle stretching, or journaling. These activities can help center your thoughts and approach the day with clarity and calm.

3. Connect with Nature
Spending time in nature can have a profound impact on your wellness. Specifically, nature has a calming effect, reducing stress and enhancing mood. Try to spend time outside daily, whether it’s a walk in the park, gardening, or simply sitting in the sunlight.

4. Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing
In a culture that often equates being busy with productivity and worth, embracing the art of doing nothing can be a radical act of self-care. Allow yourself regular breaks throughout the day of unstructured time without agendas or to-do lists. This doesn’t mean you’re being lazy, it means you’re giving your mind and body a much-needed break. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds, sit by a window and observe the world outside, or simply close your eyes and breathe. These moments of stillness can help reset your stress levels, improve your creativity, and deepen your connection to the present moment.

5. Cultivate Positive Relationships
Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Strong social connections can help you navigate life’s challenges and celebrate the joyful moments. Try to also engage in activities that build relationships, whether it’s joining a club, volunteering, or spending quality time with family and friends.

6. Attend a Sound Healing Session
Sound healing can lower stress levels, decrease mood swings, and improve sleep. The vibrations of sound can also help to clear blockages in the energy centers of the body, promoting emotional balance and physical healing. You can attend group sound bath sessions or even create your sound healing session at home with online recordings.

7. Practice Intuitive Movement
Rather than sticking to a strict exercise regimen, embrace intuitive movement – this involves listening to your body and moving in ways that feel good and fulfilling. For example, you could try dancing freely to your favorite music, taking a leisurely walk in nature, or practicing gentle stretches that target areas of tension. The key is to be present and attuned to your body’s needs, allowing movement to be an expression of self-care rather than an obligation.

8. Get Quality Sleep
Try to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night to allow your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine, such as reading or taking a warm bath, to signal to your body that it’s time to wind down.

9. Nourish Your Body with Whole Foods
Choose whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats should form the foundation of your meals. These foods provide the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally, support your immune system, and enhance your energy levels.

10. Speak with a Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Consulting with a holistic wellness practitioner can be a transformative step in your wellness journey. These professionals take a comprehensive view of health, considering all aspects of your life. They can offer personalized advice and strategies to improve your well-being, from dietary recommendations to stress management techniques. A holistic practitioner can also help identify areas of imbalance and guide you in making changes that support your overall health and happiness.


Holistic Wellness at National Wellness Group

National Wellness Group specializes in holistic health and wellness treatment, helping patients achieve peak health and optimal vitality. As a value-based clinic (rather than volume-based), we provide individualized care and natural treatments in the form of holistic medicine that work in harmony with your body. During your first appointment, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your current health and discuss any symptoms you are experiencing. This gives us a deeper understanding of the issues you are facing, as well as learn more about your lifestyle and diet. 

We will then come up with a plan to improve and restore your overall health with a holistic approach. Treatment will vary based on your specific needs, but typically will include a combination of prebiotic and probiotic supplements, IV therapy, making changes to your diet with foods you like that are full of nutrients, combining functional medicine with quantum energy and quantum diagnostics (and turning them into healing energies), and more. 

Our team of leading health practitioners at National Wellness Group are determined to improve your health.